English Musicals Korea Teacher Drama Program

The Drama Program at English Musicals Korea is a three week program in which Korean teachers will learn theatre fundamentals for the purpose of implementing theatre and drama into the curricula of their schools and classrooms.  At the end of the program, participants will be able to produce and direct shows as well as use drama and games to teach their students course material.  The three week course includes classroom instruction and practical, real-world theatre training.  At the end of the program the participants will have:


  • Obtained a basic knowledge in the areas of Acting, Music, and Dance.
  • Participated in a full-scale theatrical production of The Wizard of Oz including auditions, rehearsals, and performance.
  • Learned how to take a script and produce it to a full-scale production in their schools.
  • Spent over 90 hours in class and rehearsal with professional actors from the USA and U.K. in an English immersion environment.
  • Learned how to incorporate drama based games into their lesson plans to make them more effective.


This program is conducted twice a year in January and August.

English Musicals Korea VIP Kids Drama Camp

English Musicals Korea Drama Camps offer a unique opportunity for your child to be involved in a musical production!  Daily classes in acting, singing, and dance will give your child a well-rounded theatrical experience.


Our English immersion Drama Camp begins with low pressure auditions and casting, and culminates with a full-scale performance.  The Drama Camp is designed for children with a variety of experience levels and is geared toward developing your child's confidence and ability to perform.


Previous Drama Camps at English Musicals Korea have included Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and The Jungle Book featuring a mixed cast of Korean and Japanese campers.